Printed Booklet

Students will create an 8-page booklet, 8-1/2” x 11” finished size (flat size, two-11” x 17” pages that are folded and saddle-stitch bound). The piece will be printed on the HP Indigo 10000, 4-color process with full bleed. Please design with .125” bleed on all sides. The paper stock will be 100# Accent Text. There will be a front cover and a back cover. The inside front cover through the inside back cover will feature the front of an invitation postcard, an Instagram post, and a brief recap of what your thoughts were behind your final design. The design may be vertical or horizontal, students’ choice.


The three postcard layouts should be a 5” x 7” (horizontal or vertical), front side only.

We have had several students who have asked about designing the back of the postcards.  We are providing a sample page in an updated InDesign template on the website that shows IF they decide to design both sides of the postcard how they could show that.  We are still judging the front of the postcard from a design perspective, but I understand if they don’t include all the info on the front, they would need to show that it’s on the back.

Instagram Posts

There will be 3 Instagram posts that reflect and complement the 3 invitation designs. We want to see how you would promote your invitation on Instagram. Feel free to use the full capability of digital media (ie: video, filters, effects, etc.) and if these don’t translate to print, use a still photo of the post as a placeholder in the booklet and provide a link.  Size for each post is 1080 px by 1080 px at a 1:1 aspect ratio.

1-Minute Video Pitch

Please include on the back page a link (write out the URL and/or have a QR code) that goes to a 1-minute video of you explaining to the judges why you designed your project like you did, why you love it, and anything else you think the judges should know about your project and design process. The video can be hosted on YouTube or any other video hosting site.


You can download the copy as a Word document or a PDF in the sidebar on the right of this page under Copy/Text to Use.

Technical Requirements

  • Suitable PDF files of entries will be submitted by noon, Friday, March 11, 2022
  • You may name the file with your name and class, when submitted, the system will also attach the appropriate identifying information from your registration
  • All submitted PDF entries must be exported using the “High Quality Print” option and remember to click on the box to “Use Document Bleed Settings
  • All submissions must be in PDF format; native files will be accepted if packaged with fonts and links
  • All jobs must be in CMYK. No RGB images.
  • Minimum of 1/16″ bleed on all sides
  • Ink saturation must be less than <280%

Questions? Concerns?

Contact Caty Colberg or Jackie Mustard via email.


Use this .idml file to set up your final piece that will be printed.

IDML download

PDF download

4-Color Process

Primary Colors

Black: C0, M0, Y0, K100
Green: C61, M16, Y100, K2
Blue: C75, M43, Y13, K0

Accent Colors

Yellow: C0, M20, Y96, K0
Orange: C2, M57, Y96, K0
Red: C5, M88, Y86, K0

The Lawton color palette

The font used in our logo is Minerva Modern which is available for use on Adobe Fonts. You may use it for our contact information but you are not required to use it in your final postcard/instagram post designs for this contest.