Tri Fold Brochure

Students will design one template brochure which will then be used with variable data to create 3 versions.

Flat size is: 11″ wide by 8.5″ tall

Finished size folds to: 3.75” wide x 8.5” tall.


You can download the copy as a Word document or a PDF in the sidebar on the right of this page under Copy/Text to Use.

Project Goal

This project is to be used as an educational tool for the concept and execution of a variable print project. The students’ finished pieces will feature one template design that will be used to create three personalized pieces. Students will work through the process of designing a variable template and three iterations of it.

Marketing Goal

  • To educate and promote the use of variable printing to create personalized marketing
  • To communicate the advantages of using personalization rather than generic marketing
    • 300-600% higher response rates with personalized direct mail
    • Increase in retention, brand awareness, increased engagement
    • Better tracking of campaign effectiveness – easily track response rates for A/B testing

Tips for Designing for a Variable Print Project

For the most part, your document will be designed and set up as you would normally start a project. However, when designing a piece to include variable elements, it may require a minor shift in your approach. Instead of conforming the variables to your design, try working your design around the priority of your variable elements. In other words, think ahead to what variables will be swapping in and out and how that affects the rest of your piece’s layout.

Focus on static elements of your design first. These will form the foundation of your design and allow you to begin incorporating personalized elements.

Static elements should be tied to the goal and overall messaging of the piece.

Design your template first using placeholders for where you plan on having your variable information go. You can use brackets, for example:

[First] First name of the customer

Dear [first],

Did you know that variable data is easy to set up?

[image1.jpg] Name of the image file placed inside a placeholder shape

In the three variations of your tri-fold, you will replace the bracketed text with the actual corresponding text from the database and use the real image instead of a placeholder. You cannot adjust the layout in any other way, for example, you can’t move elements around or increase the size of text boxes. Your original template design has to remain the same for each version.

Example of a Variable Data Tri Fold Template with Variations

Template Front Side

Template Back Side

Variation #1

Variation #2

Variation #3

Technical Requirements

  • Suitable PDF files of entries will be submitted by noon, Thursday, March 9, 2023
  • You may name the file with your name and class, when submitted, the system will also attach the appropriate identifying information from your registration
  • Minimum of 1/16″ bleed on all sides
  • All submitted PDF entries must be exported using the “High-Quality Print” option and remember to click on the box to “Use Document Bleed Settings
  • All submissions must be in PDF format; native files will be accepted if packaged with fonts and links
  • All jobs must be in CMYK. No RGB images.
  • Ink saturation must be less than <280%

Questions? Concerns?

Contact Caty Colberg or Jackie Mahoney via email.


Use this .idml file to set up your final piece that will be printed.

IDML download

PDF download

4-Color Process

Primary Colors

Black: C0, M0, Y0, K100
Green: C61, M16, Y100, K2
Blue: C75, M43, Y13, K0

Accent Colors

Yellow: C0, M20, Y96, K0
Orange: C2, M57, Y96, K0
Red: C5, M88, Y86, K0

The Lawton color palette

The font used in our logo is Minerva Modern which is available for use on Adobe Fonts. You may use it for our contact information but you are not required to use it in your final postcard/instagram post designs for this contest.