Outside Cover:
Flat size is 26.375 wide by 8.5″ tall
Folded size is 11″ wide by 8.5″ tall

Inside Pages:

Flat size is 21.75″ wide by 8.5″ tall
Fold size is 10.875″ wide by 8.5″ tall

Students will design an 8 page booklet with folded cover flap

Included in the templates  to download one template for the outside cover of the booklet and one template for the inside 4 pages. These are set up separately because the inside pages are slightly smaller than the outside pages to accommodate the flap and the fold.

You may want to design your booklet together and then place finished PDFs onto the template provided for printing. You can work in what way works best for you. The final submission must use the template in order to get the page size and folds correct.


Students will design one sleeve to accompany their booklet

Flat size is: 23″ wide by 9.5″ tall
Finished size folds to: 11.5” wide x 9.5” tall

The back side of the sleeve also includes a diecut space for a business card that can be inserted. (You are not required to add a business card to your submission, we are not printing those as part of this project.)

*Don’t forget to remove the dieline and any other template text information from your final file before you submit it to us!

Suggested Copy Points

– Your resume

– Your name

– Your website (if you have one)

– Social media handles (if it makes sense for you)

Required copy: (somewhere on the piece)

Printed courtesy of Lawton


[Lawton logo]

Project Goal

The overall goal of this year’s project is to provide students with the opportunity to create a professionally printed self-promotion booklet. This project is to be used as an educational tool for students to develop their personal style, while mastering many of the skills needed to print a cohesive piece. The students’ finished pieces will feature one 8-page saddle stitched booklet with a fold-out cover and a die-cut sleeve to hold the booklet.

Technical Requirements

  • Suitable PDF files of entries will be submitted by noon, Wednesday, April 3, 2024
  • You may name the file with your full name and school name
  • Minimum of 1/8″ bleed on all sides
  • All submitted PDF entries must be exported using the “High-Quality Print” option and remember to click on the box to “Use Document Bleed Settings
  • All submissions must be in PDF format
  • All submissions must be in CMYK. No RGB images
  • Ink saturation must be less than <280%

Questions? Concerns?

Contact Caty Colberg or Jackie Mahoney via email.


Use these .idml file as a template so your project prints correctly

Booklet Cover Template

Booklet Inside Template

Sleeve Template

Lawton vector logo files:

Lawton Logo Main – PDF

Lawton Logo Color Options – PDF

Lawton Logo Color Reverse – PDF

Minimum size for Lawton logo should be 1″ wide

4-Color Process

Primary Colors

Black: C0, M0, Y0, K100
Green: C61, M16, Y100, K2
Blue: C75, M43, Y13, K0

Accent Colors

Yellow: C0, M20, Y96, K0
Orange: C2, M57, Y96, K0
Red: C5, M88, Y86, K0

The Lawton color palette