The winning entry will be awarded at least a $500 scholarship and the winning entry piece will be professionally printed for distribution by Lawton. 10-12 copies of the piece will be given to the winner for his or her own use. Lawton shall retain ownership of all entries and retain exclusive rights to the use of entries. The winning piece may be used as a sales collateral piece.

Judging of Entries

Judging will be done by a panel of independent print, marketing, and design professionals. The winner(s) will be recognized at the Awards Reception on March 24, 2022, at Lawton. Each entry will be produced as a finished piece.

The judges will apply the following criteria and select a winner, using their sole and absolute discretion. The judges’ determination of the winner will be binding and final as to all participants.

Each of the following criteria will be judged equally

  • Entry is creative, innovative, or unique
  • Entry clearly meets the marketing objectives of the project
  • Entry is engaging and appropriate for the target audience
  • Entry meets high professional standards and is organized and free of errors
  • Entry is consistent with Lawton mission, identity, and campaign-style
  • Entry is cohesive overall in terms of appearance, style, and structure