Folded Card Dimensions

  • 2-sided sheet with the flat size measuring 17.9275″ x 4″
  • The sheet folds up to a finished size of 4″ x 6″
  • Use the provided InDesign template for placement of folds.
    From left to right, the folded marks are at 3″, 6″, 11.9375″, and 14.9375″.

Technical Requirements

  • Suitable PDF files of entries will be submitted submitted by noon, Friday, February 22, 2019
  • You may name the file however you choose, when submitted, the system will attach the appropriate identifying information from your registration
  • All submitted PDF entries must be exported using Lawton Printing Services presets.
  • For instructions on how to create a PDF using our presets, please visit our website here.
  • All submissions must be in PDF format; native files will be accepted if packaged with fonts and links
  • Black text should be 100% black, not a 4C build
  • All jobs must be in CMYK. No RGB images
  • 1/8″ bleed on all sides
  • Ink saturation must be less than <280%


The InDesign file was created in the 2018 release of Adobe Creative Cloud. Use the .idml file if you are using a different version of InDesign.

IDML download

INDD download

4-Color Process
Warm Grey: C0 M2 Y7 K42
Green: C50 M0 Y100 K0

The rainbow color palette