Lawton Student Design Scholarship Entries are Closed for 2019

Please join us for the awards ceremony and reception
at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, March 6!

Design Brief

Lawton is targeting a few key niche markets with a print marketing campaign this year. For each niche market, there is a unique story and folded card piece. The students will choose one niche market and design the piece using the provided template and designated copy. The folded card will be used by the sales team when they are out on calls.
Our chosen niche markets for this project are:

• Credit Unions
• Real Estate Agencies
• Non-Profits

Project Goals

Your design should be branded as Lawton and the text (and the way you present/design it) is what tells the client what industry-specific services Lawton can do for them.

If you chose Real Estate, then you would be showcasing what Lawton can do for the Real Estate industry in general (not 1 specific agency). For example, Lawton can help Real Estate Agencies develop and implement marketing campaigns that target smaller but more key customers as opposed to a larger generic audience. We do this by using personalized printing (AKA variable data printing) so that Agencies get more return on their investment (because they targeted the right audience.)

The piece will be used to reinforce that Lawton is a trusted guide that can lead clients to success and business growth. Your design should be eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing, and tell our clients how we can help them find solutions. It will be distributed to clients, present and potential, as a leave-behind piece.

This year’s project is a 4-fold piece that will highlight a few of Lawton’s niche markets. Students will have three distinct and separate markets to choose from.