Design Brief

Lawton Printing is looking to refresh their marketing materials to reflect our recent updates in technology, renewing and emphasizing the 4 main tenets of the Lawton Advantage, as well as, inviting the viewer to get to know Lawton Printing a little bit better.

Design Goals

• Inspire the receiver to open up the piece and put up the poster that appears when unfolded.

• Inform the reader about the wide array of services that Lawton Printing can provide. We want to put a strong emphasis on the fact that we don’t JUST do printing. We can do so much more!

Target Audience

The target audience is marketing, design, and print professionals at various businesses in our area. Target audience includes design companies, business owners, and marketing/communications professionals. The number of pieces distributed is approximately 225 to key customers/prospects.

This year’s project was inspired by the Mohawk Craft Cooperative. It is a quarterly publication designed to appeal to printers by restoring printers’ belief in the power of craftsmanship in the midst of a digital world (Read more: Source). Much like this newsletter’s mission, Lawton Printing would like to inspire our potential clients with the allure of the printed page.